Black & White: Rocky Schenck

Black and White Photographer

The Baptism, by Rocky Schenck

Light and Shadow.  Mystery.  Check out the black and white photographs of Rocky Schenck at his website, and enjoy!


Black & White: Elizabeth Raymer Griffin

Black and White Photographer, Contemporary Photographer

Elizabeth Raymer Griffin is one of my favorite photographers, and, as it happens, one of my dear friends from graduate school at Indiana University.  I love the way she pieces together, mirrors, and combines photographs into fantastic multiple images that reference her personal history, have a strong narrative, and a timeless aesthetic.  Enjoy her work at  Maybe we can get her to visit us one day!

B+W: Eva Timothy

Black and White Photographer, Uncategorized

Eva Timothy, Prism Light, from Lost in Learning

As beginning photography students begin to explore their cameras and learn about exposure, I thought sharing some images by Eva Timothy would be quite relevant.  Her subject matter draws from familiar ancient texts and artifacts ranging from the Bible to writings on Light by Sir Isaac Newton, as shown in the image above.  Her photographs, however, integrate viewing devices such as glasses, magnifying glasses, and prisms which allude to the idea of viewing history through the lenses of our own personal experiences, as well as, of course, the way one must compose a photograph through the lens of a camera.  More of her photographs can be seen at Panopticon Gallery or at