Contemporary: Brooke Shaden

Contemporary Photographer

Photograph by Brooke Shaden

Brooke Shaden is one of the photographers  in the Digital Darkroom exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography in LA, which “features the work of 17 artists from around the world that explore the intersection of art and technology”.   Visit Brooke’s blog to learn more about her working methods and visit her site to see more of her amazing photographs.


Contemporary: Michael Donnor

Contemporary Photographer

Grayson's Lens by Michael Donnor

Photoeye has a fantastic gallery of Michael Donnor’s work– he meticulously distresses his negatives to add texture and mystique to his images, before toning and burning the edges of his prints to continue the transformation.  See more in his gallery at

Contemporary: Penelope Umbrico

Contemporary Photographer

Suns (From Sunsets) from Flickr, 2006-ongoing by Penelope Umbrico

My advanced photography students have brought in some interesting objects that they hope to coat with liquid emulsion and work into artwork for an exhibit they’re having called “Abandoned.”  Penelope Umbrico also works with the idea of the objects in our lives, the way they are ubiquitious, repetitive, and desire to be ordered.  Visit to see more of her work!

Black & White: Elizabeth Raymer Griffin

Black and White Photographer, Contemporary Photographer

Elizabeth Raymer Griffin is one of my favorite photographers, and, as it happens, one of my dear friends from graduate school at Indiana University.  I love the way she pieces together, mirrors, and combines photographs into fantastic multiple images that reference her personal history, have a strong narrative, and a timeless aesthetic.  Enjoy her work at  Maybe we can get her to visit us one day!

Contemporary: Chris McCaw SUNBURN

Contemporary Photographer

The word “photograph” was first coined by Sir John Herschel (the same forefather of photography that gave us fix), pulling together greek words with the meaning “drawing with light”.  Featured as part of the Heavens exhibit running at the Nelson-Atkins through November 13th, photographer Chris McCaw has created stunning photographic light drawings, in effect burning the surface of each unique print (actually a paper negative) with the power and intensity of the sun.

Read and see more about his artwork at